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Add a Lil’ Spoonful of Spoonflower * Some of us just love to DIY!!

Hello hello! I hope all is well with you and your family! I am excited to be at Phajii today and adding a design workflow to the mix, as I have always been creative and created my own custom design mixes to anything and everything I do! Well, now is no different than before when I have, I’ve just gotten better in time at my craft. And now, as advanced as I am, an beginning to venture again in the realm of custom home DIY projects, but shame on me, I keep forgetting our pinterest page of all places, mine and Kyle’s Pinterest page here: pinterest.com/kyleandshanni, that is. We’re diy nerds at best!

Well anyhow, we are custom creating again, yay! We haven’t been able to much in recent months but that’s all changing again so we can and we are oober excited! I’ve taken some of my design works, not all yet, but more will be added in time, to our new Spoonflower page which is a design site for custom creations, fabric, wallpaper and wrapping paper and some of those designs will become more than just that there, more products choices, and you’ll see those on this site and in the network also. We have 2 designs there for now, just for today, so feel free to have a look! And also, if you are coming into the site from Spoonflower, please sign up and add your custom works to your new profile here so others can find you here too. We’ll be adding works like this to our other freelance venues too! http://spoonflower.com/profile/phajii

Anyhow, so enjoy and have a great one everyone!

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