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Had we not called it that, would you have been interested in this page? LOL! Exactly! But you did, and here we are, your opportunity to use what you have already and make an impact by sharing the Phajii Mojo! Truth be told, as we will (in time) be more proactive in this section, this will be more than our own in*house referral program, but those of third party essences as well, because they will come into play with the entire reference platform of Phajii network wide. One of the biggest things here is empowerment and keeping the ebb and flow going so that it works for all involved. These aren’t just share and earn resources, its about shopping confidence and long lasting impact. The term “buyers remorse” was introduced to me about 12 years ago, and lo and behold, so it was…. Now in this new dynamic, its about shopping confidence = financial security.

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